Arigatou, Japan!

Where shall I start? Frankly, I have struggled quite a bit to write this blog post as Japan was simply incredible and words will never do justice to such an amazing place. Yet, let me try to give you an idea of how beautiful a place Japan is. To be honest, I didn’t have the … More Arigatou, Japan!

Hong Kong Love

Before I start talking about my amazing (spoiler!) time in Hong Kong, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who reached out and gave their feedback regarding my last blog post. It wasn’t easy for me to talk about my past and I wasn’t sure what kind of feedback to expect. Receiving … More Hong Kong Love

It’s China, baby!

Even before I started my trip, I was prepared to have the most challenging time in China. It has definitely been pretty challenging and exhausting at times but not to the extent I expected it to be. Getting around, for instance, was actually quite easy. I was very positively surprised on how well organised the … More It’s China, baby!